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I have compiled a nice list of sites as well as videos to help in your childs learning. I do believe an education is very important, however I home school my child and teach him at his pace and not the pace of a system based on one set of goals. All children are not the same, which would say your child maybe learns there abc's in just 1 week and my son learned them all over a period of 3 months. I sit and work on the same thing with him yes, til I dont have to pull out any aids in getting a correct answer. He's learning, and that way I know for sure.

Why I choose unschooling

I chose homeschooling because I do believe that every single day is a learning day! It dont matter if your doing actual school work on paper or helping measure ingrediants in the kitchen. I work on school work as well as make my child write and practice.

Growing without schooling

When pressed, I define unschooling as allowing children as much freedom to learn in the world, as their parents can comfortably bear. The advantage of this method is that it doesn't require you, the parent, to become someone else, i.e. a professional teacher pouring knowledge into child-vessels on a planned basis. Instead you live and learn together, pursuing questions and interests as they arise and using conventional schooling on an "on demand" basis, if at all. This is the way we learn before going to school and the way we learn when we leave school and enter the world of work. So, for instance, a young child's interest in hot rods can lead him to a study of how the engine works (science), how and when the car was built (history and business), who built and designed the car (biography), etc. Certainly these interests can lead to reading texts, taking courses, or doing projects, but the important difference is that these activities were chosen and engaged in freely by the learner. They were not dictated to the learner through curricular mandate to be done at a specific time and place, though parents with a more hands-on approach to unschooling certainly can influence and guide their children's choices.

Growing without schooling